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      Mr. Dimpu Sarath Kumar Bio

      Managing Director and CEO

      Dimpu Sarath Kumar is an Entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Intern Stump. In spite of he is coming from the Middle-Class and pursued goal and started his journey as an Entrepreneur at the age of 22, to provide Skill-based Educational training for the students who are pursuing their studies in the Rural and semi urban areas. He started Intern Stump with the same motto and giving the training in various domains including Communication, IT and Programming, Management etc. He thought of create a platform that would upskill the students.


      He also started few ventures under the Intern Stump Group called Career Stump and AcCom Stump. He introduced Career Stump, a free job portal for the candidates. He established AcCom Stump to give an exclusive training in Tally Software and Microsoft Package. Dimpu and his startup helps the young entrepreneurs by providing the Startup incubation related services like; Website Creation, Guidence and mentorship support. 


      His journey serves as an inspiration to young entrepreneurs, proving that with hard work and dedication, one can achieve great things in life. His Startup got many Recognitions from the Government and corporate giants. His startup becomes the first E-learning company in Andhra Pradesh to provide training for the Rural and Semi Urban area students in various domains.