8C Appraisal System

Learner 8C Appraisal System

Learner Skill Appraisal Framework by Intern Stump

8C Appraisal System was Introduced by Intern Stump in India. Intern Stump Learners' 8C Appraisal System is a performance appraisal system for our Learners' developed by Intern Stump. The system is based on the 8C Appraisal System, but it is adapted to take into account the unique needs of learners. The Intern Stump Appraisal System is used to assess the skills and knowledge of learners who have completed training programs at Intern Stump. The assessment is conducted by a Subject Matter Experts (SME) Panel at Intern Stump. The SME reviews the learner's work and provides feedback on their performance on each of the eight competencies.

Learner 8C Appraisal System


Intern Stump assess the Communication Skills by conducting the individual and Group activities and assessed with 5 Rating


Intern Stump assess configuration skills by conducting the 'Connectivity' activity by respective SME and assessed for 5 Rating scale


We assess how Learner can able to understand the day wise concepts. This can be assessed by observing the Activity book with 5 Grading scale


We assess the complete knowledge of a learner by conducting the Review and Assessment on Domain and Communication


This is self-assessment will be assessed on their own. Learner might consider his Knowledge and Progress pre and post completion of training


We assess the conception of the Candidates at the End of the Training through Problem Statement analysis and will be given rating out of 5


Intern Stump assess the comprehensive knowledge of a candidate which was acquired by doing Detailed Reporting and will award out of 5

Case Study

Every training at Intern Stump has Case Study analysis reporting, so that we will assess the Performance of Learner out of 5 rating Scale

Learner 8C Appraisal Panel assesses the Candidate Performance and skill set by conducting Reviews, Assessment, Interviews and etc.  after completion of the training.  8C Appraisal Panel is comprising of 3 Members viz., Chairperson of SME Training Panel and Vice-Chairman-I and Vice-Chairman-II

Mrs. Ravali Rao

Panel Chairperson

Chairperson for Subject Matter Experts (Training and Advisory) Panel, Intern Stump

Mr. Dimpu Sarath Kumar

Vice-Chairman - I

Board Member, Intern Stump Executive Board and Co-Founder of Intern Stump

Mr. Sai Gupta

Vice-Chairman - II

Board Member, Intern Stump Executive Board and Co-Founder of Intern Stump

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