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Intern Stump Virtual Internship Program

Industry-Led & Project-based Internship Program

This program designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world application by offering participants hands-on training and exposure to the industry's practices, technologies, and challenges.

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Virtual Internship Methodology


Stop Searching, Enroll to start your Career

Training by subject matter experts or industry professionals who bring unique insights, experiences, and perspectives to the content. Specialized expertise adds credibility and value.

  • Specialized Curriculum

    Specialized expertise adds credibility and value to the Domain.

  • Case Studies, Practical Examples

    Learners understand how to apply their knowledge in the real-life

  • Experts Webinars and Sessions

    Their insights and perspectives can enhance learning experience

  • Emphasis on Practical Skills

    Provide opportunities for hands-on practice and skill exercises


Prepare an Industry-Led Academic Project Report

The Academic Project provides valuable opportunities to deepen their understanding of a subject, develop research and problem-solving skills, contribute to advancement of knowledge in their field.

  • Problem Statement

    Select a problem statement that interests you to give the solution

  • Research and Project Design

    Conduct thorough research and support your arguments or findings

  • Develop a Methodology

    Including experiments, surveys, interviews, case studies, analysis

  • Proofread and Submit

    Catch any lingering errors or inconsistencies in the project


Interview Led Training and Learner 8C Appraisal

Interview-led training, is a learning approach that utilizes interviews as a primary method for delivering educational content. After completion of the Interview-led training appraisal will be conducted

  • Mock Interviews

    Mock interviews can be conducted such as One-One and Panel interviews

  • Soft Skill Development

    Including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and etc.

  • Assessment Methodology

    8C Appraisal will be conducted once training has been completed

  • Internship Certification

    Certificate will be given after completion of the 8C Appraisal

Virtual Internship Program Highlights

Intern Stump Virtual Internship Program This program benefit both the participants and the company. Participants gain valuable work experience, develop professional skills, and build networks, while companies gain access to fresh talent and potential future leaders who are familiar with their operations and culture.

The Campus To Corporate Program includes:

  • Stages in Training

    3 Stages in the Virtual Internship Program

  • Training Certificate

    Verified Certificate from Intern Stump

  • Exclusive Modules

    Industry-Led Project Preparation

  • What do you get

    Live Industry-Led Project Based Training

  • Eligibility

    Anyone can join the Virtual Internship

Industry People

will handle Training

Final Review

Through 8C Appraisal

Excellent Curriculum

Designed by Experts

Doubts Solving

Sessions by Experts

Industry-led Project

Project Based Training

Live Experience

by doing live project


Less price more quality

In-Depth Analysis

Problem Statement analysis

Industry Analysis

By using Project Tools

Data Analysis

In the Academic Project

Live Training

By Subject Matter Experts

Verified Certificate

With life-time validity

Q and A Forum

Q&A Forum for you

8C Appraisal

Real Skill set analysis

Interview Preparation

By Subject Experts

Unique Training

Designed by Industry People

Virtual Internship Domains

Information Technology

Internship Domain


Internship Domain


Internship Domain


Internship Domain

Emerging Domain

Internship Domain

Exclusive Domain

Internship Domain


Internship Domain

Arts and Science

Internship Domain

Free Resources for you

Interview training is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to improve their interview skills and increase their chances of success in job interviews. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job or a seasoned professional aiming to advance your career. Practice simulated interviews with a trained Subject Expert, who provides constructive feedback. Mock interviews help you become more comfortable with the interview process and allow you to work on your responses. Learn how to answer behavioral questions by using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your responses. Develop a library of relevant examples from your experiences. You will get the following free resources from the trainings

Profile Enhancement

Can be Acquired

Mock Domain Interview

Can be Acquired

Mock HR Interview

Can be Acquired

Group Discussion Skill

Can be Acquired

LinkedIn Make-Over

Can be trained

E-Mail Writing skills

Can be Acquired

Free Job site Access

Can be obtained

Doubts Solving sessions

Will be conducted

Alumni Community

Will be Prepared

Exclusive Webinars

Can be Accessed

Life-Time Verification

of Certificate and IDs

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What our community says

Great Support Team

As we are looking for the corporates who offers Academic Project Training to our students, we picked Intern Stump and it fulfilled our requirement effectively. We are looking forward to get more associations with Intern Stump

Smt. Anuradha

Principal, Nalanda Degree College

Very Powerful

I have experienced a great learning environment, I learnt so many things from the Intern Stump SMEs and I have obtained Job-Oriented Skills as well. Thank you for the opportunity.

Ms. Sudha Rani

Intern Stump Alumni

Excellent Training

Intern Stump is a great and extensive platform to obtain industry relevant skills, I was trained in Digital Marketing Domain and placed in my core domain. I’m glad to get training from Intern Stump.

Mr. Rafi MD.

Intern Stump Alumni

Very Powerful

It was good experience to me and I learn so many things from Intern Stump now I have so much knowledge about digital marketing thank you for giving this knowledge about digital marketing

Mr. Naresha

Intern Stump Alumni

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