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We believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to drive innovation and success in our industry.

Problems you face in online Learning

Intern Stump is the Solution

Instructor-led Training

Subject Experts or Instructors delivering the content, facilitating discussions, answering questions, and providing guidance to the learners

Live Sessions

Live training including real-time interaction, immediate feedback, and the opportunity for the learners to ask questions or seek clarification during the training sessions

Hands-On Experience

Our training involves in engaging with a subject, concept, or skill, rather than simply learning about it in a theoretical or abstract manner

Doubts Solving Sessions

Conducting the doubt solving sessions with the Subject Experts exclusively. There you can resolve your doubts and get mentorship from the Subject Experts​

8C Appraisal System

The Intern Stump 8C Appraisal System is used to assess the skills and knowledge of learners who have completed training programs at Intern Stump

Free Resources

Intern Stump offers exclusive free resources including Resume Building, Group Discussion, JAM Preparation, E-Mail Etiquette and many other resources for you​

Exclusive Sessions

Conducting various sessions including Webinars, Workshops and Panel Discussions with the Industry leaders and Academic Experts on emerging trends

Case-Study Learning

Case studies can incorporate knowledge from various disciplines, encouraging learners to apply a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving

Active Community

We foster a learning community where students, subject experts, and institutions can connect, share, and support one another, you're never alone on your educational journey

Expert Driven Content

Our content is created and curated by a team of educators, subject matter experts, and tech-savvy professionals, guaranteeing the highest quality educational materials

Make a Difference

Join in the unique live-training mechanism and become unique among others. You will be trained, assessed, monitored, mentored regularly so that learners become unique

Verified Certificate

A verified certificate is a proof that a learner has successfully completed the training, demonstrating their knowledge and skills after conducting the 8C Appraisal System

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Learner's 8C Appraisal System


Assessing communication skills is crucial for personal and professional development and evaluating your communication abilities can help you identify strengths and areas for improvement


A configuration assessment is a process of evaluating the performance and pattern of training that we have delivered during the Journey. Assess how they learner is connecting with the training.


Chronical assessment is the process of analysis the record of day to day training in the activity log report that has been given by the Intern Stump. Here will we understand the day-wise skills that learner was acquired


Tasks, Projects, Assignments, or process includes all the necessary information and has been carried out which will be assessed through the Review and Presentation conducted by SME Training Panel


Awareness, perception, or recognition of the lectures delivered by the Subject Experts. It is the state of being conscious or aware of skill set that learners were acquired by the self-assessment


Process of forming ideas or concepts in one's mind. It represents the initial stage of thinking, where an idea is generated. We assessed through the Problem Statements to the leaners let them give solutions


Making inferences from various sources to form a comprehensive understanding all these can be done through a detailed project report or presentation has to be submitted at the end of the training

Case-Study Analysis

Holistic view of a participant's understanding and proficiency in handling real-world situations by giving the learners live industry case studies or realistic cases to know the various skill set of the candidate

What our community says

Great Support Team

As we are looking for the corporates who offers Academic Project Training to our students, we picked Intern Stump and it fulfilled our requirement effectively. We are looking forward to get more associations with Intern Stump

Smt. Anuradha

Principal, Nalanda Degree College

Very Powerful

I have experienced a great learning environment, I learnt so many things from the Intern Stump SMEs and I have obtained Job-Oriented Skills as well. Thank you for the opportunity.

Ms. Sudha Rani

Intern Stump Alumni

Excellent Training

Intern Stump is a great and extensive platform to obtain industry relevant skills, I was trained in Digital Marketing Domain and placed in my core domain. I’m glad to get training from Intern Stump.

Mr. Rafi MD.

Intern Stump Alumni

Very Powerful

It was good experience to me and I learn so many things from Intern Stump now I have so much knowledge about digital marketing thank you for giving this knowledge about digital marketing

Mr. Naresha

Intern Stump Alumni

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Our Learners are from

Our learners are from various educational institutions from all over India. We connected with the campuses to offer professional training to their students

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