Intern Stump Executive Board

Board members of Intern Stump Group

Intern Stump Group is an conglomerate of Intern Stump, AcCom Stump and Career Stump. All these brands are being maintained by the Intern Stump Executive Board members.  The execution of policies, strategical decisions will be taken care by them

Mr. Dimpu Sarath Kumar

Board of Director, Intern Stump

Mr. Sai Gupta

Board of Director, Intern Stump

Intern Stump Leadership Team

Leadership Panel Members

Intern Stump Leadership and Operations team is responsible for leading the operations and managing the activities, leading the team members and other functional activities as assigned by the Board Members. Positions Include; CEO, CFO, CPO, CXO and Operational Managers (Grade-I and Grade-II)

Mr. Dimpu Sarath Kumar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Leadership Team, Intern Stump

Mr. Sai Gupta

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Leadership Team, Intern Stump

Mr. Vinay Jannu

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Leadership Team, Intern Stump

Mr. Bharath Lakshman

Chief Relationship Officer (CRO)

Leadership Team, Intern Stump

Ms. Vineetha Chowdary

Chief People Officer (CPO)

Leadership Team, Intern Stump

Mr. Subhani Shaik

Manager Grade-I

Leadership Team, Intern Stump

Mr. Sadhik Shaik

Manager Grade-II

Leadership Team, Intern Stump

Panel of Consultants (PoC) - Curriculum

Panel of Consultants for Curriculum at Intern Stump  is being given advices for designing Curriculum, Framework, Course Ware, Grading and etc. Which look on the progress of curriculum implementation. The panel comprising of 6 Members, 2 from Industry, 2 from Startups and 2 from Academia

Mrs. Ravali Rao

Chair & Consultant for Curriculum

Mr. Gowtam Pothina

Consultant for Curriculum

Dr. T. Chandrasekhar Yadav

Consultant for Curriculum

Mrs. Sridevi Kannula

Consultant for Curriculum

Mr. Pargat Barsal

Consultant for Curriculum

Mr. Surya Venkata Sekhar

Consultant for Curriculum

Panel of Consultants (PoC) - Operations

Panel of Consultants for Operations at Intern Stump is comprised by group of Industry people who provide guidance, advice and support to the Operational Departments and Functional activities at Intern Stump including Partnerships, Social Media and Public Relations etc.

Mr. Krishna Peketi

Chair & Talent Capital Consultant

Mr. Madhav Immani

Consultant, Student Experience

Mr. Mohan Ravula

Consultant, Campus Relationship

Mr. Satya K

Consultant, Partnerships

Mr. Sai Vamshi

Consultant, Training Programmes

Mr. Phaneendra Swamy

Consultant, Social Media and PR