Intern Stump

Intern Stump /ˈɪntɜːn stʌmp/

Intern Stump is the combination of two words named Intern and Stump; Intern stands for "Learner" and Stump stands for "Strong Element". Our learners will become strong element by getting our training.

Intern Stump Group of Comapnies

Intern Stump® provides live training in Management, Technical, Arts and Science Domains including Job Oriented Training

Intern Stump Cells was initiated to provide live training in Digital Accounting called Tally Software including the Microsoft Platform

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The Intern Stump

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Intern Stump Strategies


To become paramount platform for providing the live training in Management, Technical and various domains. To connect campuses with Campus To Corporate Program.


To provide the best Domain, Technical and Professional skills and make learners as industry ready. To give valuable output to the educational institutions by training their students. 


Our team at the Intern Stump is committed to provide the best results. Our values; Commitment, Quality, Honest, Effectiveness, Accountability, Integrity, Fairness, Diversity and Inclusion

Intern Stump Initiatives

Intern Stump Trainings

Intern Stump offers trainings in Management and Commerce and IT and Programming by scattered into 3 groups viz., Professional Training, Conventional Training and Academic Project Trainings

Intern Stump Programs

Intern Stump introduced Exclusive programs for Campuses and Companies viz., Campus Hiring Training, Campus To Corporate and Collaboration Over Competition. We will introduce more in coming days.

Learners' 8C Appraisal System

For the First Time Ever in the Ed-Tech Industry, we introduced Learners' 8C Appraisal System to assess the skill set of the candidate by conducting the Review or Assessment by the Subject Matter Experts at Intern Stump.

Intern Stump Opportunities

Job With Intern Stump

If you are looking for the fast growth, friendly work environment, active incentives, performance based recognition then Intern Stump is the better option. Help us to educate the world.

Join as Subject Expert

Subject Matter Experts or Subject Experts at Intern Stump are responsible for the Curriculum implementation, Doubts clarification, 8C Appraisal System Implementation and etc.

Training Spotlights

Intern Stump Training Spotlights are introduced for the people who wish to become an Entrepreneur. You can start your startup with less investment and infrastructure.

How Intern Stump was started?

Intern Stump is an emerging E-Learning company in Andhra Pradesh founded on 26th June, 2021 and incorporated on 8th July, 2021. Which provides live training in Management and Commerce, Technical and Programming, Exclusive and Professional. Intern Stump has 3 Training Groups Viz., Professional, Conventional and Academic Project Training and 3 Training Programs viz., 35-Hour Workshop Program, Campus to Corporate and Collaboration over Competition Intern Stump is the only E-Learning company who offers live training in Management and Technical Domains in Andhra Pradesh for getting Startup India Recognition. Intern Stump is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Recogined as Ed-Start innovator by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Intern Stump is the only E-Learning startup in Andhra Pradesh for getting the recognition as “Tally Assessment and Training Center” by the Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. (Unit of Tally Solutions – Tally Software). 

Learners' Resources

Training Portal

Intern Stump has been Introduced Intern Stump Training Portal for the Online Classes, learners can access online classes, material, Certificate, verification and many more activities.

Verify Credentials

We introduced Credential Verification Portal for the leaners of all Training Groups. They can access the Grade, Modules the have been trained and Verify Badge (If Applicable)

Verify Project Details

This Portal is exclusively introduced for the leaners who have taken the Academic Project Training. They can access the details viz., Role, Project Title, Supervisor details etc.