Intern Stump

Intern Stump Training Spotlights

A Micro-Entrepreneur Programme 

Don't wait for the opportunity, you can create one with you. Yes, you can Micro Entrepreneurship opportunity. Intern Stump Training Spotlights are being introduced to encourage young entrepreneurs and aimed to expand our network all over India by giving them the partnership. Join in our mission to avail qualify education for all with an affordable price.

Intern Stump Training Spotlights

Reason Behind Intern Stump Training Spotlights

In align with the motto of presence in everyone's resume by 2030, we have introduced the Intern Stump Training Spotlight program. Intern Stump Training Spotlights help us to improve our Learners Network. They become the bridge for the Intern Stump and Learners. All they just need to do refer our trainings with their circle and help students in the registrations. Training and Certification will be given the Intern Stump Head Office for the learners.

Benefit as Training Spotlight

Website Listing

Once you have on boarded you will be listed in our website by mentioning your name or institution name as Intern Stump Training Spotlight


We will certify you as Intern Stump training Spotlight, so that you can explore into the world and become unique among others

Spot-lighters Conclave

We used to conduct Spotlight Conclaves once in a year you can attend those conclaves without any fees where all spotlights manager will be appeared

Gifts and many

As a part of Appreciation policy at Intern Stump we will appreciate Training Spotlight with gifts, prize money, tour tickets and many more

Earn as much as

There is no pressure on you, earn as much as you can. You can be a boss for your own venture and allowing you to do in your free time

Limited Infrastructure

There is no requirement of huge infrastructure, we just need basic requirements for becoming our Intern Stump Training Spotlight

24/7 Support

You will have an access of 24/7 Support from the Intern Stump Head Office. You can contact us over phone or e-mail at any time* you need

Work with Network

You will be the part of Intern Stump training Spotlight network, so that you can have feasibility of making connections with other fellow partners

Steps Involved in

Intern Stump Training Spotlights

  • Submit your Application

    Once you have cleared with all our details, you can proceed further by applying into the Intern Stump Training Spotlight

  • Meeting with Spotlight In-charge

    Once we have received your application, you will have a virtual meeting with our Spotlight In-Charge for processing

  • Interview with CEO

    After that, you will have a formal interview with our CEO to know more about our vision and your plan of action

  • Processing your Application

    Once the Interview has been cleared we will process your Application after making the Spotlight Fees

  • You are Training Spotlight

    Once the Application process has been completed you will become as our Official Intern Stump Training Spotlight

Benefits you get

From Intern Stump Training Spotlights

  • Compliments and Awards

    You will be received timely compliments and the awards as a Spotlight of the training. Chance to win cash rewards.

  • Levels in Training Spotlights

    We are having 3 Levels in the Training Spotlight. Bronze Level, Silver Level and Gold Level. You will get more benefits level-wise

  • Interactions with Leaders

    We used to conduct webinars, workshops and associations with the industry experts, you can get a chance to join for free

  • Flexible work timings

    Don't need to spend your fixed time with us, you can do your work at any time whenever you want. We provide flexible work timing.

  • Variable Commission System

    You receive variable income based on level of the Intern Stump Training Spotlight Program. You will receive timely payment

  • Get Seed fund for your idea

    Pitch your idea to us and our mentors will help you refine it, make it presentable and your idea will get seed funding from us

Levels in Training Spotlights

From Intern Stump Training Spotlights

  • Bronze Trophy

    After completion of 1 year journey with Intern Stump you will become our Bronze Intern Stump Training Spotlight and you will receive trophy as well

  • Silver Trophy

    After completion of 3 years journey with Intern Stump you will become our Bronze Intern Stump Training Spotlight and you will receive trophy as well

  • Gold Trophy

    After completion of 5 years journey with Intern Stump you will become our Bronze Intern Stump Training Spotlight and you will receive trophy as well

*In each level you will get additional benefits as our Training Spotlight, you will let you know during the process of application

Eligibility to Become

AN Intern Stump Training Spotlight

*Subjected to modify upon request and deep observation by the Intern Stump Spotlights Incharge

Send a Proposal for Spotlight

Including City, District Name, State and Pincode
Check your Nearest

Intern Stump Training Spotlight


Note:  We will give authorization for becoming our Intern Stump Training Spotlight after completion of careful observation and background verification of the person or institution. The Intern Stump Training Spotlights neither having the permission to give the training nor certification. They will be work on the Business Development of Intern Stump Only. 

  • All the payments made by the students through Online mode only, which should be done on our official website
  • Candidates are advised not to make any payment via offline mode (cash/cheque or etc)
  • Candidates can directly interact with the Intern Stump CEO at anytime, if you found any error in the Training Spotlight and have any doubts at 8096253894 and 7989954547
  • Intern Stump Training Spotlights have no right to issue the certificates
  • All the training and certification will be given by the Intern Stump Head Office Only
  • Intern Stump training Spotlights never issue the material or anything. You can directly contact Intern Stump head Office for any kind of resource you want to get.