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If you are interested in Tutoring and having extensive domain skills and communication skills, then Intern Stump is the right platform to exhibit yourself. All our Intern Stump trainers or tutors being considered as the Subject Matter Expert. You will get as many benefits by joining in our company as Subject Matter Expert. It is the place where you can get performance-based earnings. Join in our team to bridge the gap between Campus and Corporate

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If you are interested to Join as Subject Matter Expert at Intern Stump then submit your application so that our team will review your interest.

Reviewing Application

After receiving your application, we will process your application by checking your educational qualifications, skill-set and other requirements


After shortlisting the candidature, you will be assessed by the SME Recruitment Panel. We will assess your domain and presentation skills

Become Subject Expert

Once you have been shortlisted by the SME Recruitment Panel, We will start Onboarding and recognize you as Subject Matter Expert by Intern Stump

Levels in SME Profile

Assistant Subject Matter Expert

A Subject Expert who is having either less than 2 Years Experience or trained less than 1500 Hours to be designated as Assistant Subject Matter Expert at Intern Stump.

Associative Subject Matter Expert

A Subject Expert who is having either less than 4 Years Experience or trained less than 2500 Hours to be designated as Associate Subject Matter Expert at Intern Stump.

Subject Matter Expert

A Subject Expert who is having either more than 4 Years Experience or trained more than 2500 Hours to be designated as Subject Matter Expert at Intern Stump.

Benefits you get as Subject Matter Expert

Exclusive Community

By joining in Intern Stump SME Team, you will get a chance to interact with an exclusive SME Community so that you can exchange your ideas

Earn as Much

There is no limit on your earning, teach as many as classes based on your convenance we will pay based for your dedicated time with us

Interaction with Leaders

You can get a chance to make a connections with your fellow SMEs and connect with the Intern Stump Company Leadership team directly

Goodies from us

Your hard work pays here for sure, we will appreciate you with monetary and non monetary benefits including fun activities and many more

Levels in Associate Profile

You will be designated as either Assistant SME or Associate SME or SME based on your experience. Each designation can be treated as a level

Quick Growth & Development

In each level you will get extensive benefits from the Intern Stump including Monetary and Non-Monetary benefits such as Badges, supervision etc.

Assured Skill Enhancement

As a Subject Matter Expert you can enhance your domain skills and presentation skills as well. We strongly believe that "Every trainer is a Learner"

Flexible Working Schedule

There is no restrictions on Time schedules, workplace and etc. You can do the work flexible mode. Pick either Online or Offline mode to promote.

What do Subject Matter Experts do?

Taking online Classes

As a Subject Matter Expert at Intern Stump you need to take the class in either Online Mode or Offline Mode as you picked earlier.

Guide our Learners

Guide our Learners whenever they ask and coordinating the Doubt Solving Sessions in your specific domain. Here you would treat as Mentor.

Doubts solving sessions

Based on your skill set you will be assigned to a Doubt Solving session, you need to clarify and solve the doubts. Helps in their domain related doubts.

Assist in Curriculum desigining

You will get a chance of becoming a member for the Curriculum Design panel, there you can share your views on the industry oriented curriculum

Review and Presentation

At the end of the training, you need to take the Review and Presentation from the leaners. We wont' conduct any written exams at the end of training.

Helps in 8C Appraisal

You will be helped us in the Learners' 8C Appraisal (skill report) Report making by conducting the review and presentation from the candidates

Coordination with Team

As a Subject Matter Expert you will act as Coordinator with the other SMEs and Departments whenever is required. You also coordinate with Learners as well.

Exit Feedback from Learners

SME might take the Exit feedback from the learners before completion of the training. It will help us to restructuring the programs whenever is required.

Skills and Qualifications to become SME?

Educational Qualification

To ensure you thrive in your role and contribute effectively to our projects, having relevant qualifications based on your specific domain is essential.

Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are vital for success in any professional setting. These skills enable you to articulate ideas clearly, listen actively, and collaborate.

Mode of Work

Flexibility and inclusiveness of offering both online and offline work modes, By offering both modes, we aim to create an inclusive and adaptable workplace

Use of Technology

By fostering a strong technological skillset, you not only improve your own performance but also contribute significantly to the overall growth

Team Management Skills

Strong team management involves not only delegating tasks and setting clear objectives but also motivating others, resolving conflicts, providing feedback.

Proper Internet Connection

A proper internet connection facilitates uninterrupted video sessions, clear audio, and the smooth sharing of PPTs, which are needed for quality training

Presentation Skills

By mastering presentation skills, tutors can create dynamic and interactive lessons that foster a deeper understanding and enthusiasm for subject matter.

No experience is needed

We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping students succeed.

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Join now in the Subject Matter Experts Community by submitting your profile with us. We will screen and Update you soon