Intern Stump

Mr. Sai Gupta

Co-Founder & Board of Director, Intern Stump

Sai Gupta, a visionary entrepreneur and co-founder of Intern Stump, was born and raised in a small town with big dreams. From an early age, he exhibited a keen interest in numbers and finance, foreshadowing the remarkable journey that awaited him in the world of business. Sai embarked on his academic journey with a focus on finance and accounting. With a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for challenges, Sai Gupta delved into the professional realm, accumulating eight years of invaluable experience in the finance and accounting segment. He honed his skills at prestigious institutions, navigating the complex landscapes of financial management with finesse. In 2021, Sai Gupta co-founded Intern Stump, a groundbreaking platform that revolutionized the internship landscape. Fueled by his belief in empowering the next generation of professionals, Sai played a pivotal role in shaping Intern Stump into a hub for talent development and industry connectivity. Philosophy and Leadership Style: Known for his unwavering commitment to ethical business practices and a people-centric approach, Sai Gupta has cultivated a work culture at Intern Stump that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. His leadership style emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in an ever-evolving professional landscape. As a co-founder, Sai Gupta's legacy extends beyond the confines of Intern Stump. His journey from a finance enthusiast to a transformative entrepreneur is a testament to his resilience, vision, and commitment to making a positive impact on the world of business and beyond.

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