Verify Badge

Verified Badge Requirements

Once you’ve verified your identity, we’ll put an Identity Verified badge on your profile. The badge displays as a check mark next to your name. This gives you the unique status among other learners. Verified Badge will be provided for the free of cost. “Verify Badge will not be provided to everyone”. You should meet the following requirements to get verified badge by the Intern Stump

  1. You must have active profile in LMS Portal
  2. Your profile must be unique and contains profile Picture
  3. You should have taken at least 5 Trainings at Intern Stump
  4. You must secure “O-Outstanding” Grade in all the trainings through 8C Appraisal System
  5. Should have ID Proof (Any Government ID)
  6. Should have brief Bio in your profile.

Verified Badge Applicability: Verified Badge will be appeared next your name after we confirmed your identity. You can see Verified Badge as mentioned below;

  1. Verified badge will be displayed in our LMS Portal
  2. Displayed in the Intern Stump Verification Portal
  3. Displayed in the Intern Stump Project Verification Portal (If you have taken Academic Project Training)