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Module 1 : Storage and Classification of Inventory
Module 2 : Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
Module 3 : Purchase and Sales Order Management
Module 4 : Tracking Additional Costs of Purchase
Module 5 : Cost/Profit Centres Management
Module 6: Budgets and Scenarios
Module 7: Generating and Printing Reports
Module 8: Goods and Services Tax
TallyEssential Level 2
About Lesson

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Supply Chain
1.2.2 Types of Suppliers
1.3 Inventory Management
1.3.1 Terms Used in Inventory Management
1.4 Inventory Masters in TallyPrime
1.4.1 Company Creation in TallyPrime
1.4.2 Introduction of Capital into a Business
1.4.3 Creation of Inventory Masters in TallyPrime
1.5 Tracking of Movements of Goods in Batches/Lots
1.5.1 Activation of Batches/Lots for Stock Items
1.5.2 Batch Reports
1.6 Price Levels and Price Lists
1.6.1 Activating Price Lists and Defining of Price Levels
1.6.2 Creation of Price List
1.6.3 Price Level &Price List usage in Sales Voucher
1.6.4 Revise Price List
Key Takeaways
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