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June 2021Intern Stump Established
July 2021Company Incorporated
2022 Onwards..Operation Begining
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About Intern Stump

Intern Stump is an Andhra Pradesh based E-Learning Company which aims to provide skill training in Management, Technical, Programming, Arts, Science and Communication domains. We have six Major training groups viz., Specializations, Bootcamps, Guaranteed Trainings, Academic Project Trainings, Campus Hiring Training and Train The Trainer Program. All the trainings at Intern Stump will be handled by the Subject Matter Experts who are well versed in the respective domains. We are here to assist you at anytime.

Intern Stump Recognitions


Recognized as Startup by Startup India and DPIIT

GeM Place

Intern Stump is now Part of the GeM Portal by GoI

ISO 9001:2015

Recognized as an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

MSME Recognised

We Recognised as MSME by Government of India

Tally TAC

Recognized as Tally Training and Assessment Center

Google For Startups

Intern Stump is now Part of Google for Startups program

AWS EdStart

We recognised as Edstart Innovator by Amazon Web Services


Intern Stump is now the Part of MongoDB for Startups Program

Founding Members

The founding members of the Intern Stump

Mr. Dimpu Sarath Kumar

Managing Partner and CEO

Mr. Sai Gupta

Founding Partner and CFO

Intern Stump Services

With Intern Stump we provide the services viz.,


We provide Training will be given in the Management, Technical, Programming, Arts and Science etc.

Digital Publication

Aacdemic Publication, Talent Publication and Start-up promotional activities will be handled by us


We are here to provide incubation services to the people who would like to start their entrepreneur career

Website Development

We provide Web design services for the startups and enterprises as per their need & requirement

Founders Note

All about our dream

All about Our Journey

We (Mr. Dimpu Sarath Kumar and Mr. Sai Gupta) decided the name of our venture is Intern Stump, we’ve chosen the name because of two words that come in our mind that every learner should be a strong element by taking our training. Even the words Intern and Stump indicates like that only; Intern means LEARNER Stump means a STRONG ELEMENT. Our main motto is that, We Provide the Best and Industry Expect that Best. All the trainings will be handled by the Subject Matter Experts including Academic Experts, Industry Leaders, CEOs and Founders of the companies. We never compromise on Learner’s satisfaction. Apart from the training, we also committed to provide incubation and startup establishment services to the Young Entrepreneurs. We can proudly say that Intern Stump has been recognized as Startup by Startup India and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Intern Stump is the only E-Learning company in Andhra Pradesh for getting the recognition as “Tally Training and Assessment Center”. We also recognized as AWS Ed-Start Innovator. By 2030, we aimed to establish 175 Intern Stump Training Chapters.

Board of Partners

M/s Intern Stump LLP

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