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Intern Stump is an Ed-Tech Startup, which was established by the Mr. Dimpu Sarath Kumar and Mr. Sai Gupta in the year 2021 to give the skill-based training to the learners. Intern Stump is the First Andhra Pradesh’s Startup India Recognised Ed-Tech company. It was registered under MSME, government of India. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified startup. Intern Stump has 4 major groups to provide the training for its learners viz, General Trainings, Bootcamp Training, NowIn Training, and Job Oriented Training. Campus to Corporate Program is our unique training program exclusively meant for educational institutions. Intern Stump is committed to provide live training in Management and Technical Domains including Professional communication. Intern Stump has dedicated team to support and extend their service at any time. Currently, Intern Stump is offering the training in Human Resource Management, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Accounting Packages, Economics, Communication Skills, C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Python, MySQL, Web Development, Microsoft Office and other domains. Intern Stump is the only Ed-Tech company to provide Multiple Entry and Exit enrollment, Quality Content with an affordable price, free resume building and interview preparation sessions, offering the webinars by industry and institutional level experts more and more benefits to its learners. Intern Stump is also planning to provide the Professional Certification Courses, Diploma Courses in emerging areas viz., Digital Marketing, Accounting Packages, Talent Management, Web Development and etc. domains. The Intern Stump is committed to provide the Job Assistance for its learners. It conducts direct or indirect virtual drives for its learners. Intern Stump is taking care of financially backward learners and provide 75% rebate on each and every training program

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